SACC Membership and Fees

The SACC is an organisational body that regulates registrations of pedigreed and purebred guinea pigs, as well as organising and administrating Guinea Pig Shows throughout the year.

The SACC regularly imports new animals into South Africa to keep the gene pool healthy.

Our latest import of Skinny Guineas, our second import of skinnies in total, landed on 4 Aug 2016.

Membership fees paid on a yearly basis contribute to the hosting of public shows, and the SACC attendance of the WODAC Pet Expo held in JHB.

We currently host shows in the following areas:




Cape Town

Membership fees are as follows:

Member Registration

R100 paid yearly

Services Received:

· Club affiliation if there is a club in your province

· Website Listing

· Allowance to show any registered guinea pigs in any SACC affiliated shows

· Be kept up to date with events, SACC, club and show news

Breeder Registration

R250 paid yearly

Service Received:

· Registration of stud prefix

· Ability to register pups born to your registered animals at fee listed below

· Listing on SACC website

· Be kept up to date with events, SACC, club and show news

Please note that even if you are registered as a breeder, but want to attend and compete at SACC affiliated shows, you will need to register as a member as well.

Guinea Pig Pup Registration

R25 per pup born to your stud

Services Received:

· SACC Pedigree Certificate sent to you via email, and signed copy sent via post

· Each registered pup is allowed to compete in SACC affiliated shows

Show Entry Fees:

1-9 Guinea Pig entries: R25 per entry

10-14 Guinea Pig entries: R20 per entry

15+ Guinea Pig Entries: R15 per entry

Entries in the Pet Class are R25 per entry

Before considering entering for any shows, please contact the SACC office to find out what requirements for showing are. These include having your own show cage and show board.  These can be purchased through the SACC.

Please email Anita at [email protected] for application forms and further information.