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The three smooth coated cavy breeds are named for their short, smooth coat. The coat should be full, smooth, of consistent short length, and have good "fall", i.e. return smoothly to normal in an instant when brushed back.

Both crestless and crested smooth coated breeds are bred and shown in all colours and patterns, for instance self, Dalmatian, Himalayan, Tortoiseshell, Roan, Magpie, etc.


The short coated cavy - often called the American or English - has consistently short hair without any rosettes. This breed of cavy most resembles the species' relatives and ancestors in the Cavia genus.


The Ridgeback is a rare breed with a smooth short coat, with a lengthwise ridge on its back. The ridge should ideally be long, regular, straight and stand up without much trimming without breaking down at any point. It should run from the neck to the rump. Ridgeback cavies as well as non-ridged carriers of the genetics both have so called tufty feet, with the hair on the hind feet growing "the wrong way", upwards on the leg. Ridgeback cavies sometimes have rosettes on the body, which is considered a fault.

The Ridgeback is a recognized breed in the UK and is show under the guidance of the Rare Varieties cavy club and is also recognized as a Rare Variety in Sweden.

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