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WODAC Show 2014 Winners

Posted by [email protected] on July 21, 2014 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Well done to Sunday's SACC WODAC Show 2014 Winners! They are:

Best in Show: Sumnertime Pixie (Sheltie owned by Lucinda Blackbeard, bred by Anita Duff)

Reserve Best in Show: Sumnertime Zendaya (Agouti Self Smooth Coat owned and bred by Anita Duff)

BOB Peruvian: Manufeek Vanita Fair

RBOB Peruvian: Frank's Agouti

BOB Sheltie: Sumnertime Pixie

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Smooth Coat

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The three smooth coated cavy breeds are named for their short, smooth coat. The coat should be full, smooth, of consistent short length, and have good "fall", i.e. return smoothly to normal in an instant when brushed back.

Both crestless and crested smooth coated breeds are bred and shown in all colours and patterns, for instance self, Dalmatian, Himalayan, Tortoiseshell, Roan, Magpie, etc.


The short coated cavy - often called t...

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Long Coat

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The long coated cavy breeds show the characteristic of a notably long coat. Their breed standards opt for a long coat of consistent quality, and general conformation and colour quality are secondary to this, although not ignored. All long coated breeds are shown in two divisions: unclipped and clipped. Unclipped cavies are generally pups or young adults, as keeping the coat in its maximum length and full quality is very challenging for the owner, and may be stressful for the animal. Once a lo...

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Few varieties of hairless Guinea pig exist, the most prevalent breeds being the Skinny pig and the Baldwin. They are two separate breeds, with different genetic factors rendering them hairless. Hairless cavies in general need warmer accommodation and more energy-rich food to compensate for the loss of body heat. They are also susceptible to draught, drying of the skin, and skin infections without careful husbandry.


The Skinny Pig is an almost hairless ...

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Rough Coat

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A Rex has short, rough hair that stands on end all over the body. The hair should be of uniform length and texture all over, and no more than 1 1⁄4 cm in length, preferably shorter. The Rex resembles the Teddy but the similar coats of the two breeds are result from separate genetic factors.


The Abyssinian has a short, rough coat with a total of eight rosettes on its shoulders, sides, back, and ...

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