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The South African Cavy Council is a governing body for Guinea Pig breeders and owners within South Africa. The SACC is a professional and ethical society, that encourages responsible breeding and keeping of guinea pigs, and to develop and improve existing and new breeds within South Africa. The SACC also endeavors to promote the Guinea Pig as a pet, and involve interested parties in the hobby through arranging fair shows that are judged by well-trained and experienced judges. We will also provide our breeders with a fair and continued registration service. Our breeders are encouraged to focus on health and temperament, as well as type and "show quality" in their guinea pig lines.

Our shows are fun, our members friendly and always willing to show newcomers the ropes.

Show winners get beautiful ribbons and certificates as well as fantastic prizes.

Our first import of skinny pigs arrived in 2013 and our second import of skinnies arrived in August 2016.

We are currently busy with the import of Cuy, Lunkarya, Swiss, Dalmation and Rex as some of the South African lines need new blood.

On our import list for 2017 is Coronet, Merino and Californian

We pride ourselves in regular imports to keep our lines strong.

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Guinea Pigs South Africa